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This is the Official site of Remy Francis a consultant with 25 years of hands-on experience in the industry for Animation, 3D, 2D, Contemporary Art, Training, Conceptualisation, Branding working with a pool of consultants.

Work - at a Glance
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Animation & Videos

Request a quote for Animationn, Infographics, Animation Direction, Branding in Video Production, Corporate Videos


Tailor-made programs, workshops, workplace training, career coaching in Design, Infographics, Animation, Video, Design and Visual Presentation.

Contemporary Art

Inspired by Rembrandts, Michael Angelo, Turner, Bellini, Sculptor Bernini with influences from Mathematics and left-brain teachings

Artists in Action - Dubai Chapter

Join this group if you are an authorised artist & creative

Live Portraitist & Caricaturists

For your Event or Gala Dinner or Conference or Private Party. Entertain your guests!

Explainer Video Producers

Infographics, Animation, Video, 2D, Character, 3D

Graphic Recorders/Graphic Analysts

Graphically record your speech, conference, workshop - help your audience.

Happy Clients

Satisfied and returning clients have helped strengthen our competence.
And has helped identify client's every creative needs.