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...and Animated Explainer Videos, Case study videos, live caricature, portrait painting, storyboarding, for master trainers in animation and fine arts.

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Animation & Videos

Request a quote for Animation, Freelance Animator, Specialised Animated Explainer Videos, Case Study Videos, Storyboard, Packaging Small to Mid-range Videos


Tailor-made programs, workshops, workplace training, career coaching in Animation.

Contemporary Art

Portraits, Landscapes, Realistic Wild Life Commissions, Museum Installations, Abstracts and Impressionist paintings inspired by Rembrandts, Michael Angelo, Turner, Bellini, Sculptor Bernini.

Artists in Action

Join this group if you are an authorised artist, creative person or animator

Artists in Action - A community of Artists, Animators working together to better urban landscapes
caricaturist, portrait painter, oil portraits

Live Portraitist & Caricaturists

For your Event or Gala Dinner or Conference or Private Party. Entertain your guests!

Animated Explainer Video

Infographics, Animation, Video, 2D, Character, 3D

Graphic Recorders/Facilitators

Drawn recordings of your presentations and lectures.